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How can I make it go away?



New member
May 23, 2009
Hi guys. I'm new here, but I really need some support right now. Where to start...I've suffered from depression since I was 10 (probably even earlier, but I can't think about that). Back in 2002 I spent 6 months in a psychiatric hospital and I had some horrific ECT sessions. During two of these sessions I woke up whilst they were happening, completely paralysed, completely terrified. Since then, the anxiety has gradually got worse. It started with not being able to breathe and this has slowly got worse over the years. Now, in the last 18 months my Dad died, my Aunt died, my dog died (all of cancer) and my disabled Mum has been constantly in and out of hospital. I am her main carer and I'm also trying to hold down a full time job. Over the past couple of months the anxiety has got rapidly worse, so that now I'm having palpitations every day, sometimes all day every day, I constantly feel like my chest is being crushed, I'm having stomach problems, sweating and not sleeping. Some nights, not at all. My GP and psychiatrist have prescribed me diazepam, lorazepam, a beta blocker and a sleeping pill. This is on top of mirtazapine and lithium, which I was already taking. But none of them make it go away. It's unbearable, I'm even having trouble seeing my friends now. I can't stand it, I need to make it all go away, but nothing seems to help and I'm running out of options. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I think I would try anything right now.


Well-known member
Jun 21, 2008
You might find counselling or therapy helpful, to help you explore the impact of the trauma safely at your own pace.



Hello, I just read your thread. Sorry to hear what's happening to you.

I had very bad things happening to me too in the past, not as bad as yours but still... My dad and my step dad both died, then my health got really bad, until I met someone and they recommended me 1) to give up, slowly of course, any medications and pills 2) no doctors or psychiatrists 3) go to a site levashov.info English version (flag) 4) in the videos section there are some video seances, they are really wonders, but follow the rules 5) you can read the articles and books on that site and you'll see that it's coming from all the good sources.

The reason being, there are many invisible things affecting people. It happened with me in the past, and with you now. When you read that site, you'll understand as I'm not going to force you into it or anything.

This is what helped me so so so so much. Otherwise I'd probably be very sick now or something... I really hope it can help you too.

All the best and you can write to me


Active member
Jul 26, 2009
Some suggestions

It sounds as if you have had depression problems for quite a few years. If the treatments you are getting are not working, why not discontinue them and seek out a new gp and psychiatrist?
Sometimes, medications do more harm than good. For instance, many years ago, I was having depression problems and I was given prosac. The problem with that is it made me care about nothing and put me into a mental slumber.
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