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How can I help my mother? She’s diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but still not showing any treatment is helping.



New member
Dec 3, 2019
St Petersburg
Hello everyone,

My mother has recently been hallucinating that laser beams are attacking her all over her body and giving her bad headaches and seizures. She suffers from epilepsy but it is manageable, until recently when the laser beams (to my better understanding, a psychotic episode) have made her worse. This breaks my heart because just 2 weeks ago she told me she was scared she would die because of this.

This isnt the first symptom our family has seen that shows theres something wrong with her mental health. For many years shes shown signs of bipolar disorder, detachment from reality, anxiety and depression. Shes had many ups and downs that have triggered her to act a certain way. But in the last year it's gotten extremely bad.

It started about a year ago when she developed a crush on a local guy in a band. He is not a good man for her whatsoever, been to prison and chases women her daughters age…but she liked him a lot and he turned her down. Soon after she started coming to me saying he was stalking her, tapping into her phone and TV, and … now controlling the laser beams. I've been in the store with her and she says “Hes playing this song right now, hes trying to tell me something" and recently she was talking to herself in the grocery store and when I asked her what she was doing she just told me she was reciting her grocery list so she'd remember.

It honestly seems unreal to me experiencing all of this. This is my mother. My strong, smart, funny mother who raised me. And now shes crying for help, or attention, and I can't get her the help she needs. Everytime I confront her she tells me not to worry and says nothing is wrong.

Shes called the cops 4 times in the past two months about the laser incidents and had been taken to the ER twice and evaluated. Now on a low dose of Serequil, I thought things were getting better. A deputy called me yesterday to tell me she called again and they cant Baker Act because shes not harming anyone. The first deputy to go out of his way and let me know what has been going on. And he told me my only option right now is to go to the courthouse and get a petition to get her mentally evaluated.

I dont know what to do, she doesnt think anything is wrong yet still lies to me about the incidents. I am an only child, my dad is sick and I start school again in January and I just want my family back to normal. Please help ❤


Oct 2, 2019

I'm really sorry to hear that you're going through this. How long has she been on antipsychotics and is she taking every dose?

It can take a few weeks for things to improve, it took me almost three months to completely lose my delusions and start regaining insight when I started antipsychotics.

Hang in there. If the Seroquel isn't managing the symptoms on a low dose, they can increase the dose or start her on something else.

I don't know how much the epilepsy is playing a role in her psychosis, but they may well be linked if she was previously non psychotic.

Are you reluctant to petition the courthouse?