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How can I get a Diagnosis that's right



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Nov 18, 2008
I often feel like something is wrong. I have a sleeping disorder, that I can be certain of from my lack of sleep. I also occasionally feel depressed or happy for no conceivable reason, I don't know what causes it and I would like to be vague about it. For this reason.

If I convince myself I have found a reason I will pattern my mind to it, currently I think I'm a manic depressive and this is causing my problem which may or may not be true, previously I thought I had sleep apnea or insomnia of some sought and that was causing my problem.

If I go to a doctor I know I will answer questions to fit my current theory. I will in effect be diagnosing myself, which is very inaccurate in many cases.

Is there a way that I can get a diagnosis without questions?

(strange I know but to me it seems the only way I could avoid this)

Has anyone else had similar problems to me, what helped you?, or are you stuck like me

Any responses welcome :)


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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
You could be right and the doctor will just accept your diagnosis - or - you could be wrong and he/she might do or say something completely different!
Only one way to actually find out is to go, after all you have paid for their services why not at the very least check out what they have to say first?

One of the many problems I put on myself is trying to second guess what someone will say, invarably I'm wrong, and all that comes out of it is a load of self inflicted stress - don't be like me, don't be afraid to ask and then make an informed decision.

Best Wishes



Actually if your doctor thinks that you are wrong he/she will tell you so, I know of people who go on the internet to diagnosis themselves most doctors get very annoyed about this because after all they have spent years studying and practising, I would never go to my docyor and tell him whot Ithink my medical conditions and symtons are I ask and trust him, and yet I've been told that I think I am the doctor in the past by boyfriends, honestly some people have really caused all my negative feelings with the abuse I've had to deal with some one once said my soft spoken voice dosent fool them and my big words( I'd like to know whot those words were because I didnt go to uni like some people I know) soory I'm going off the thread so the point being a doctor will give the best diagnosis that he/she can and it might surprise you!


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Nov 18, 2008
Thanks for the replies, I have just found out I haven't had a doctor for the past 5 years! My old doctor moved and they were waiting for me to go in before assigning me to another. Now as well as that, I've become an adult in this period and everything is very confusing as to my status at the surgery...

(Obviously I don't like going to the doctor as I haven't been, even when I got salmonella I just stayed at home and drank a lot of fluid)

So I now need a new doctor, then I think I will just tell them my symptoms without any ideas I've seen or heard and see what happens.

It will be odd going in as a completely new patient, I have a feeling they should want to know me a bit better before they make a diagnosis, I think i would be reassured if this turns out to be the case. I'm not sure how I'll react if they diagnose me straight away.


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Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
You are right u need to be open with your gp and tell him your symtoms as u would with any other ailment. There could be a variety of reasons for your mood changes and the gp should check your history b4 suggesting anything.

It is highly unlikly that your gp will come up with a diagnosis at your first visit. He made need several and then refer you to a specialist for diagnosis as most gps are not qualified in psychiatry
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