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How best do I manage this?



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Nov 20, 2015
Elderberry & Waffles
I'll be brief.

Last year, after being hospitalized against my will. I was rushed to A&E. To be honest, when the MH service become invloved :all my memories with them make me very unstable, uncooperative and I refuse to go in.

I got taken to A&E, it gets really misty, as I was given like a blood test and stuff. I remember being there: I'd never had to go through A and E like that --- I just felt it wrong: So I acted like a real asshole --- To this day, I've no idea why. Maybe they do this as proceedure now.

Prior to that --- I'd been in a re'ship, that no-one felt was good for me. I knew that he was the way he was : He could have injured or killed me. Frankly sid and nancy come to mind.

Okay: In MH for three months. Got discharged in NOV 2014.

Came back to home: With all utilities nulled. I attempted on my own to set up phone, internet so I could begin sorting out various loose ends.

GAS&ELECTRIC: I had an outstanding debt of 230. I didn't have the cash, and took the decision of getting a key meter. I would advise against it to people who don't like going outdoors much. It doesn't help.

OVERDRAFT: Over limit



One year on:

The situation is exactly the same.


This week, I lost my rag to my social worker, to the housing officer who is dealing with paper work and my sister.

That is just about enough to get an ambulance out for me.


I'm trying not to get angry or cry or be upset : But I can't tell them what I think of them -- despite the suffering I've had with these things over the course of the year. I feel I've been patient considering a whole year should have moved matters on.


I know when they'll arrive, I'll blurt it out. But I musn't. When I'm enraged : It's difficult not to feel that this woman is angry at you.


Basically any advice on how I can keep my gob shut, when they get here on Monday?
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

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Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
could a friend be with you when they come to help support you? i wish i had better advise
i really hope it goes ok love from fairy lu xx