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Paranoid MisterE

Active member
Jan 15, 2009
Hi all.

Im going through a bit of a lull at the moment and it was suggested that i might be better off in a hospital for the time being. I was wondering what was your hospital experiences if you have had 1? Did you find it helped at all? I cant imagine what they can do different i have had extensive CBT and my meds are pretty much as high as they can go without me being a zombie. Probably a strange question as I know it certainly wouldnt be a holiday camp but i was just wondering what facilities there are for patients in such places(gym etc) or is it just a case of being drugged up and lying in a bed in a ward?



in my experience the latter

I would try and avoid hospital. For some it's traumatic. I hated it, as I hate brainless authority.

Flip side: I met my closest friend, whilst in hospital.
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