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hospitalization... why??



Hi ive got bipolar (already said in another thread) Im having a rough time of it at the moment as my 9 year old daughter has eating problems (she doesn't), shes got behaviour difficulties and everything has come to ahead she is going to be seen by lots of people which is good... i had to see my psyciatrist yesterday as im getting very down and suicidal at times... i self harm which im battling with at the moment... i have a recovery team that is going to help me get help with my daughter and the crisis team if i need them... my worry is that if i phone they will whisk me off... i feel so guilty that i can't help my daughter and also blame myself for her being this way...

can someone please tell me what the crisis team could make you go into a hospital for??????????



Hi noodlepixie

And :welcome: to the forum. I hope you get the help you are looking for here, I've found it a real help to me.

I don't suffer with Bipolar but I have had my local crisis team involved in my care, and have felt the need to call them occasionally in the past. In my experience the crisis team did everything they possibly could to avoid me having to go into hospital, I think that is part of the reason they are set up. In my experience they now try and treat you in the community as much as they possibly can unless they consider you a potential harm to yourself or to others or if you need adjustments with your medication etc.
And yes I have called them saying that I was suicidal and didn't feel safe. They responded by coming over to my house, offering advice and a friendly ear, and also helped me practically plan ways to keep myself safe by encouraging me to have friends over to support me, or visiting them and other activities. They then made daily visits to my house, sometimes twice a day just to check I was okay, give me some company and help me get through the crisis which I did.

Much to my dismay they were worried about me being a harm to myself at one point and referred me to the hospital immediately. However when I got there I was assessed by a Psychiatrist and he felt that I did not need to go in (much to my relief!). Again I was very encouraged that they were trying every possible way they can to avoid the trauma of going into hospital, especially as I have a terrifying fear of them, (I won't even see my psyche there).

Saying that everyones experience is different, it might be worth asking your CPN/Social worker their views on it, and perhaps pose some hypothetical questions to them to put your mind at rest.


thanks for your message... it was very informative and needed to hear that they don't just shove you in hospital straight away...

i also got a bit muddled when typing my last thread i put my daughter has eating problems (she doesn't) what i meant was she does have eating problems she doesn't eat anything shes on the path to destruction and she yet again told me last night she wants to die..... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh she has a consultant coming tommorrow i hope he can help...


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Nov 23, 2008
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That's such an awful shame that at 9 years old she has anorexia and that she made that statement. Must be an awful worry for you. :cheekkiss:


yes this is making me a little all over the place..... i feel guilty wish i could do more for her but last night i was convinced she had it in for me and wanted to punish me now i don't know i know this is the wrong word but im feeling a little crazy and im on my own with my children my other half has had to work and im a little scared and don't know whats happening im getting all confused everything is spinning and i just want to do so much uh will get off this computer i think before i make a pratt of myself sorry.... thankyou tho

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