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hospital help is very far away...for strange reasons



Circumstances don't permit many people to harm themselves but the system seems to suggest they have to if they want real help.

If you would give your life for someone you love - then suicide and visible self harm are not options. But it doesn't mean that person doesn't need the same help as those who attempt to hurt themselves physically in some way. The world comes rushing to their door.

What about all the people who suffer mostly in silence and ask for help when they are only desperately in need.? Or continue until they can't anymore - at that point they won't be "attempting" anything - it will be the real deal.

They're told they aren't the priority and can't get hospital or crisis team help until they do that.


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Oct 20, 2009
Sod em.........

Are you surgesting that the help we are offered at these times actualy appers at some point, I have been told many things "should" be done, them actualy being done is another matter.

They claim I am resistant to help, what do they expect when we are effectivly lied to over and over, rarely see the same persom more than a few times , constent changes in staff, which give them the get out "I did not say that", or "I dont know anything about it", they never read the files, constently going over the same ground.

"They" the service providers need to get there act together then they may "earn" our confidence to work with them.

At the moment they are to fragmented with to many disconnected service providers to effect any real change, and in the cases they claim to, it is oftern coincidence not there efforts, but they like to take credit.

As long as the boxes are ticked they get paid, and we get left in the cold...

.....and they wonder why we get to the stait where we them to just sick it.......


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Aug 8, 2008
The treatment is reactionary, either becase they don't care until they 'have to' or they are not putting enough money into the system. So many lives are falling apart because of it.

I had everything and I lost it all becasue no one would help me until I had become a blubbering, self harming mess that couldn't be left alone for fear I would accidently burn the house down or kill myself. Even now I have to fight for everything...and I don't have the energy.

If I had had proper care and treatment ten years ago when I first sought help, I would have cost the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds less. My life would be my own and I would be successful.