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Hospital Councelors Keeps Calling Me



The hospital called yesterday,
And today. I see my therapist tomorrow
And will tell her they've been checking
On me. I do t know what to do.
It's the mental Helth are of the ER.
My therapist thinks I can ride it
Through. I do to. I'm just getting tired.

Why would they call me back to back.
The councilors at the hospital I mean.

I need advice. I see my therapist
Tomorrow morning.
I haven't self harmed in
Any way. But I'm getting closer.
This is a manic bipolar episode.

Need your thoughts,
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Jan 15, 2013
Hi hun, sorry you haven't had replies, sometimes it takes a while for people to read threads.

Please be patient, someone will be along soon :)



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Jan 5, 2011

They are worried about you probably honey. I am diagnosed bipolar too, as I told you in PM, and its scary to be unwell and needing help. What is going on? Mania is HORRIBLE, and I really understand. You say you can probably manage being admitted, and if you are close to self harm, I think you may need help.

Let them reach out to you and see what your therapist thinks. Be honest with her and see if you can find a way through this together. I'm always surprised when people like their manic episodes, I never do.

Tell me more in PM or on here honey. We can support you, but we aren't professionals. However, that can be an advantage in many ways.
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