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Horror, benefits, all advice welcome, thanks


sarah jane

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Jan 21, 2018
I shouldn’t have to pay a debutyship out of my court funds, ie my benefits, because I have been placed in this nightmare, for 17 years for ten pounds, should I, no I shouldn’t, why should they claim fees out of my benefits, I bet my ex still gets his benefits, ie fraud, ie out the country and working.

I have suffered all my life, because of others negligence, and struggled to work, because psd breakdowns, I should of just gone on sick, not saved for this to happen, for something better, given my situation I don’t even claim the full pip, which I am entitled too, I was told too, ie they said, I’m entitled to it, as others get it, and there situation isn’t as bad as mine, completely fucked off, as my siblings ignored what I said, the one, who was helping, didn’t realize or have the knowledge