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my mind is a vortex of unending whispers they tell me I am ugly and should end it.
I do not want to interact with others, it is so difficult to speak to people??
there is no answer


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Nov 24, 2009
The prospect of talking to people is harder to deal with than the actual event itself, that's what I find anyway.

I hope you're doing ok x


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Oct 16, 2009
East Anglia
I'm the same, find it far too daunting to talk to people yet when i'm talking and after I work out it was nothing compared to the fear at the beginning.

Sadly this doesn't help me the next time, or the time after that, even with cognetive therapy to help me out :(


Your not alone with these feelings

but you talk now and i see your sad words ,they chill me to the bone ,those
very words i have heard for the last 43 years ,and yes i do believe them ,
but something drives me on in this life ,i dont fear death ,but i dont know what it offers me ,,maybe a nice old man with a fluffy beard and angels waits to hold my hand and carry me away to peace and love ,,,,i dont think so ,
the demon within my mind is my god ,and he will furnish me with dark wings so i may fly into the hell that surrounds me in this sorry life ,and i will burn and fall into the dark abyss and will be consumbed by the unimagable creatures that inhabit my daily thoughts ,so please my dear freind dont think you suffer alone for we are many ,and we must stand by each other as i stand at your side now ,,ahh you cannot see me ,you must close your eyes
and look with your mind ,,,see here i am sword in hand ,bloody from the many years of battle ,,but you rest awhile now from this torment ,the dark one does not have the power to destroy me ,,so if it should visit you while you rest ,i will strike ,it down ,i hope these words convey some warmth to you
they are sincere ,,,,,stay safe ,,,JETBOY
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