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hopeless person



Jan 18, 2009
iv had depression 7 yrs.All i seem to do is muck things up.im a hopeless human being and im not sure i can take much more of this life and all it brings to me.
iv had enough:cry:

Lazyplayer 187

Sep 12, 2008
i feel like this sometimes but you just have to keep going and look for something good and postive in your life, ur not the only one who feels like this, people do share ur pain, hope u feel better


We who struggle with depression have a tendency to see the worst in ourselves and our situations. Depression absolutely destroys our sense of self worth and ability to construct a future. I bet there are qualities within you that I would kill to possess, and accomplishments I would be envious of.

Try to look at your depression as an actual disease or sickness that needs to be treated like any other before you can start feeling better.


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Jul 21, 2008
Please let's not beat ourselves up over something that's out of our control. :hug:
Charity begins at home.


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Nov 29, 2008
hey, i know how you feel. right outside my girlfrinds house is a multistory carpark that looks onto a busy main road, theres been days if have to walk over a mile to get home from hers because i know i cant go near there without it tempting me. but its best to try and stay as positive as possable. it's hard to find your way through the darkness, and its hard to know what to believe but if you live by your heart and value the love you find then you'll have all you need
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