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Lurking on every street, skulking in a pack,
looking for someone to rob,
Have to get money for crack,
have to kick and punch,
make an other sob,
girls on the game,
guess it's the credit crunch ?
always looking for someone to blame,
stairwells full of dirty needles,
human waste on the walls,
you can't say anthing, have n't the balls,
it's a joke send for jeremy beadle,
get on the news,
inner city life,
some guy just battered his wife,
left lots of clues,
hoodies, that a religious sect,
f##k your parents, have no respect,
homeless guy, mumbling away,
clutching his life line, Buckie,
shattered mind, nothing to say,
he should be so lucky ??
2010, broken britain,
torture a child, kill a kitten,
land of hope, land of glory,
fodder for the army, that's the story,
tourists love the wildlife,
the menacing thugs, carrying knives....



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Dec 15, 2008
:scared:Oh well thats a poem and a half!