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Holidays/Vacation thread 2!!!?



Well-known member
Aug 1, 2014
Hi Folks,

We have been hosting my brother and his girlfriend, today this afternoon, and at one point or so it seemed, my father talking with them, slipped out saying that there might be the possibility of away on holiday, he certainly didn't want cruises, now that set off my alarm bells warning, because annoyingly and unfortunately unforseen, I have mental health issues, I fell unwell on holiday a couple of times back in 2001 and 2003, and this was after or during the 9/11 business at one point as well.

It triggered my alarm bell warnings, and I seriously didn't wish to go back, to the States, sorry folks if in US reading this post, because that meant I would have all of my settled destressed modes, turned upside down due to different locations, air travel, food habitate, though I would be preferably be careful en flights, it's the problem of huge meat meals on ground, so to speak, and also I have the speech communique problem, of half preparing to be all being well be understood on a clearer first time round basis. Sigh. or Grr even.

Anyway, I am able to relax down, because certainly, for a long term/permanent being, and mum's off long haul flights anyway, and can't entertains hort haul flights as well, in terms of long haul, and when I just so happened to have enquired dad, so that I would be half prepared, geographically to be vague aware of, he said, nope, he's not planning on any further trips out, meaning , he can't take to and coming back to driving from Heathrow, and when coming back from Southampton, weather wise, it absolutely poured down, and we wondered how we managed to arrive back to home safely. As it was horreindously raining.

So once again, I can phew, relax down, we don't have any long term half ideaology plans on getting booked up, so what we would normally do first, is to check and book flights, and then hotels, he was so down, after Southampton, it's knocked all of us in fact, back for six, not to plan to being away for a couple of weeks, of glorius weather abroad, and then we implying come back on the 6th of October, to that day of rotten weather.

Also another factor, I don't like my fitness, and volunteering activities to be desruptive either.

Mental health wise, presently I am very well on 25ml, and i have just started on my brand new cross stitch design, work, and music listening combined, gotten dark now, so I am knitting.

Have a good evening all, I'll come back to debrief, about 9.30pm.

Best Regards All,

oh and who said via MHF, that szchiphrenia and holidays do not mix, I have a sneakily feeling that they might have been right!!!