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New member
Mar 19, 2010
Less than 24 hours ago, my new doctor took my diagnosis of bipolar disorder and all the treatment that had gone with it over the past ten years and flipped it into a mixed personality disorder, immediately removing all medication support and changing everything about my treatment plan and management...

...however, he didn't have time to explain any of this or offer any real support so he's booked in an appointment for sometime in the middle of next month.

So, since psychiatric services can't be bothered to help, even explain, what is going on, I thought I'd join here and see what I can find out.


Well-known member
Jun 15, 2008
North West
That sounds like a total nightmare. I'm bipolar and if someone pulled the rug from under me now after 2 years of diagnosis which I have just gotten used to I would knock their head off!

Plenty of support to be found here, and lots of people so hope you find what you need :welcome:
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