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Hiv ocd creeping its way back.



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Nov 17, 2016
Hi everyone hope your all okay.

So today my friend got into a fight and ended up injuring a man who was apparently homeless and on drugs. (Yes I know that is completely wrong and I live in a crappy neighbourhood where this happens a lot) anywho, she then got into my car and had blood on her, I freaked out of course and was like you need to go wash your hands etc, when we got back to mine she stroked my dog and then went into the kitchen to wash her hands.

As OCD does my thoughts then started to turn to what if she got blood on my stuff etc and I ended up having a shower when she left and got into bed. As I was getting into bed I saw a brown mark on my sheet and freaked out incase it was blood I touched it and it was dry and I thought to myself it's probably nothing as my friend didn't come into my bedroom, so I carried on getting dressed (despite my anxiety and despite sitting on the mark).

I then thought omg what if blood got on to my dog and then onto my bed sheets i then sat on it naked and caught HIV. which I know probably sounds dramatic but I'm worried and feel like I should go have another shower and get changed.

Freaking out helppppp


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Jun 14, 2017
How are you doing now?

I think these days there is a lot of worry about blood not just HIV. I would have been worried also.

But you can't catch HIV just sitting on a bed sheet.

Just wanted to say hi, have read your posts and hope you are feeling a bit easier now x