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Hitting rock bottom?



New member
Jan 24, 2019
United Kingdom

This is probably gonna be long. I feel like I’m at the lowest I’ve ever been. I have always had this problem where I was always sad but I didn’t know why, but then I got mostly better. Since around Christmas I have gotten completely bad. I was sure that this year I was gonna try and make changes for a better life like eating healthier, exercise, learning new things etc but I feel sad all the time. I don’t know what triggered this. I feel like I’m not achieving what I want to and I don’t enjoy life at all now. My family are really worried about me and I’m worried it’s effecting them. I have had multiple episodes of binge eating which made me feel terrible, but I’ve actually lost weight and honestly I look quite sick. I’m worried that I’ll never be satisfied with life and I’ll be stuck like this forever and I’m really not sure what to do. I’ve started going to counselling which I think will help but I wondered if there’s anything else I can do. I try to do a lot of different activities and go out with my friends but nothing seems to work.


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
hello and welcome Redchip26
sorry but it seems that your post has been missed. i have only just seen this now.

yeah the sad all the time....not nice. there is probably something that is causing it. life can be relentless and difficult and that can make you sad. have you got anyone that you can talk to irl?

it really helps to get out and socialise-something which i struggle with but it does help.
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