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Hit once more ..... how do I get the strength to leave

Scared with BPD

Scared with BPD

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Nov 9, 2009
Within Four Walls
My husband of fifteen years has just been arrested for hitting me once again.

I am only just coming off my meds and all over the place at the moment although I know I need to do something decisive right now.

Where do I get the strength from to plan and work out what to do. He will be released from custody tomorrow morning when he's sobered up and there will be all hell to pay.

Feel like a jibbering wreck at the moment and can't get a sentence out never mind work out plans of how to pack my things and go. Plus I have no friends so where would I go to. Also I have a dearly loved cat who only responds to me.

My mind is all a jumble and the ultimate escape is becoming really prevalent in my mind.


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Mar 23, 2009
Domestic Violence

If you are experiencing domestic violence you can apply for a non-molestation order or an occupation order under Part 4 of the Family Law Act 1996. A non-molestation order is a court order prohibiting the perpetrator from using, or threatening to use, violence against you, or from intimidating or otherwise harassing you. An occupation order establishes who may live in the family home and can therefore allow you to remain in your family home and exclude the perpetrator. These orders can be granted for six months, or for an indefinite period. The court can attach a ‘power of arrest’ to the order which means the perpetrator can be immediately arrested if he or she breaks the order.

If you are experiencing domestic violence or are under threat of such violence and become homeless you are eligible for housing within your own local authority or another local authority under the Housing Act 1996. The Homelessness Act 2002 extends this provision to victims of all violence and threats of violence which are likely to be carried out, in whatever circumstances. This should include racist and homophobic violence/harassment.

The Home Office Circular 19/2000 ‘Domestic Violence: Revised Circular to the Police’ and the ‘Crown Prosecution Service Policy on Prosecuting Cases of Domestic Violence’ both detail what issues the police and CPS respectively will take into account in deciding how best to follow up such crimes. Both emphasise the need to take such crimes seriously.




it's dreadful youre going through this nightmare and I have genuine and heartfelt sympathy for you.

stay safe, for you you loved ones and all of us here too.



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Jan 18, 2008
I lived that life for twenty years, but I did get out, and I did get a whole new attitude about myself and my life....if you have resources, and support, go now. Do you know of a women's shelter that you have access to? If you can't afford to go right now, make a plan...start saving, start researching, give yourself hope.
I wish still (I left twenty years ago) that I had left the first time. Don't let your mental health issues hold you back. At one point He had me convinced I was crazy and could never manage without him. Guess what..I am not crazy and I managed very well, in fact way better on my own without the constant stress and worry. I posted two signs on my fridge: Let Go..and Be Me..
I took assertiveness training and joined a singles support group (not for dating) and found new friends and habit.
Now I am ten years married again to a loving gentle man who has helped me understand what a relationship can be. Have faith..in yourself.:hug:
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