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High Anxiety

wednesday addams

wednesday addams

Well-known member
Aug 20, 2021
I'm having a lot of anxiety today. Neighbor causing me unbelievable stress. No one does nothing about it. Police have been called, still they get away with their shananagins. Lots bothering me, a personal matter, health issues, people getting away with things that are not right. Law doesn't help, no money for decent lawyer. Anxiety is the pits. Having no feeling of security, no privacy, hating myself and my life. This really sucks!!


Aug 31, 2021
New York
You’ll be okay. Some days are better than some to say the least and I think I suffer from tons of stuff I wasn’t diagnosed with. I’m so in tuned with my body I know something is off, and even that’s hard not to blame myself for. Take it easy on yourself. Try not to let outside influences ruin your day or life for that matter. I am currently working on this and it is a struggle for me but you know what. This too shall pass ♥
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