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Aug 18, 2008

Just wanted to say hello. I have discovered your site by browsing on the internet. I have been suffering with mental illness for many years and have times when I am up and down. It seems like the downs are becoming more than the ups.
I find it extremely lonely at times suffering with depression, because I feel so cut off from everybody even though people dont actually ignore me but it is that I feel like I dont belong.

I have personality disorder and find it very difficult to deal with relationships. I find I can be quite abusive to people and I can not stop myself from being like this. I would love to be able to cope with people but no matter how I try I always end up destroying friends that I make.

I have a son who lives quite close and my daughter is away but we try to see each other when we can.

I hope I can make friends on the site and try to build up friendships online because if I can do that at least maybe I can have some sort of contact with the outside world and if other people here suffer with mental illness then maybe you will understand how I feel.

Thank you and I hope I havent been too long and written too much.


You haven't written too much and 99% of the people registered here have a mental health problem of some sort.

We help each other by sharing our experiences, both good and bad, and we try not to judge.

You're most welcome.