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Hi to everyone


its all in my head

Nov 10, 2009
hello its so hard to imagine that so many people are in the same boat with no paddle or wind and the world just spinning passed you it feels like there is a big party going on daily and your just sat in your space. time
ticking buy.

Hi to everyone hope you are still reading be nice for just a hello back
I'm 30 I been ill for around 1 and a half year( time just dosent exist anymore)
I suffer frm anxeity ,agrophobia,depression which has and is still getting worse.
I' personally feel and beleve that i will never be normal again I'm not after sympathy just better if i just put all my cards on the table.
I have lost faith in the ammount of tablets sick of them changing and reducing and increasing at the same time give them ago if do not work we will change them 1 if any 1 is reading this have you found a pill that actually dose help, I feel like it s just a holy grail,
I have tried that C.B.T need i say anymore personally I am on the side that dose not work.
If i had a broken leg all the doctors in the world can help you.
when you get mental illness of any kind you hit a brick wallI think there is only one text book out there and there treat every one the same I let you go before I bore you Night


Well-known member
Jul 15, 2009
Hi, :welcome: to the forum. I hope you find it useful. :)

Like you I suffer from anxiety and depression, with a few agoraphobic tendencies creeping in lately, which I'm trying to fight. I've been on several antidepressants over the last 9 years, some of which have worked fine but have had to change after a period of time as they stopped working. The problem is, there is no one drug that works well for everyone. Different people respond to different drugs.

As far as talking therapy is concerned, I've only ever had counselling (twice) which didn't work for me. I'm now on the waiting list for something else, don't know what.


Well-known member
Dec 15, 2008
:welcome: I hope you get something out of being here. I personally am willing to try anything to get better so I am currently in therapy and on medication, there may be other ways too - will try them if this doesn;t work out. Being here has helped me and I have made some good friends.


its all in my head

Nov 10, 2009
hi good evenining

I hope of making friends , or hello would be nice just its really hard just to pick 1 thought and keeping that thought ,I feel like my brain is under water
but u will always find people worse off so I really should be grateful .

"I once met a man who had no shoes I felt sorry for him so i gave him mine, further down the road there was a man who had no feet "

I always try to remember that but like everthing else when that black blanket surrounds you I think words and people are not worth anything,
thanks anyway
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