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Hi there



Hi everybody
I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to the new local forum.
This site has been set up so you can come here and share your experiences of mental health or indeed to give or receive support with mental health issues.
A couple of years ago I started to use the original 1 in 4 forum and found it incredibly supportive and informative. It was good to know that in my suffering I was not alone.
I hope that you will post on the forum and share what has been going on in your life or if support where it is needed.
So looking forward to hearing from you.
Alice :grouphug:





I used to live in Cornwall and for years tried to get things going. Never had much success. Made a loss on a football match, but did O.K. with a fashion diplay at a local pub. But fund raising is not my forte. Best wishes to all:clap::tea: