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Hi there! (This reminds me of the scene in Fear and Loathing)



Dec 28, 2009
Ha! My subject title reminds me of the scene in Fear and Loathing where Raoul Duke is at the front counter of the hotel at the beginning of his acid trip. "Hi There! My name..... I have my attorney with meeee....... final wisdom.... total coverage... (mumbling....) but our names must be on that list!"

If you dont get that thats cool. But its my favorite movie of all time. This is bat country....

I am an ex drug addict, addicted to marijuana for ten years and crystal meth for about four. I also used a handful of other drugs to self medicate. I have been clean for five months now, thanks to my faith, hope, and love I have discovered.

After making some major lifestyle changes, I have discovered the hope that I can be free of all my medication. I was diagnosed with major depressive type schizoaffective disorder in 2004 after coming off meth the first time. I am currently on Bupropion, Epival, Risperadol, Temazepam and Concerta for a variety of symptoms.

So thats why Im here - to try and get off all this junk and connect with those who are also wanting to heal, and just connect with anyone who wants to exchange wisdom.

Hopefully someone reads this and found it interesting. Happy New Year to y'all! :)


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