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Hi,newbie here and would like to say hello to everyone



New member
May 1, 2019
I have suffered with anxiety, panic attacks,agrophobia most of my life. I also have M.E so it very much takes me out of the equation of being able to go out and to meet ppl.
So,yep,I'm basically in the house 24/7 and obviously it gets very lonely,with feeling isolated.
At least now,on a good level is the internet,which now gives you an opportunity to be at least in touch to some extent with other ppl. Especially those who understand and are going through same feelings.As one of the more hurtful things is being disbelieved by ppl,who seem to feel you are putting on your illnesses,I wish they could be in my shoes for a week,they'd never utter another negitive word again.
I am also completely on my own,no family/friends,which is obviously very lonely,esp as one time I would be always with group friends,or family...now from being someone who was a very social person,I am now ironically completely on my own.
I enjoy when I feel up to it,music,concerts were my main interest(as my agrophobia would go through waves of being almost feeling free of it for a while,then periods of not being able get over the front door),books esp biographies and true stories,movies...used to love current affairs and kept up to date with them,now haven't watched the news in months....I suppose that's also partly as now there's so much access to all kinds of things on internet,YouTube,etc that you can spend so much time just delving into different things,that it becomes on a need to know basis with the news,being in house all time you lose track of such things as you feel very unaffected and no one to talk about it anymore.
Well,if I've not already depressed you even more from my post,you are always welcome to get in touch 😊. So feel free to talk to me anytime ,I'm a very open and honest person. With that I'm now shattered lol.


Well-known member
May 8, 2019
United Kingdom
Hi and welcome to the forum 😊 I due to a traumatic past experience anxiety panic attacks and claustrophobia my hobbies include reading biographies writing Poetry or books waiting to get them published at some point . Your so right the Internet is indeed a lifeline a window of opportunity to meet others who can understand you on a similar level. Glad you have joined us sending a virtual hug 🌠