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Hi - new here....



New member
Jun 12, 2009
started hearing voices about 3 years ago after getting caught up in an armed robbery, the problem is I dont know if I am hearing these voices in my head or if someone is playing games with me. I know how paranoid that must sound but lots of strange things have happened over the last 3 years which is why i have doubts.

Firstly I can actually record some of these voices, and I also recognise one of them.. Is this the norm for someone hearing voices which presumably would be inside the head? Also in the 3 years I have been hearing them not a day has gone by where I havent heard some sort of threat to myself.

I find if I plug my ears at night I dont hear them but I also dont hear the alarm clock either! If I dont use ear plugs I get woken in the early hours by them and rarely get back to sleep til at least 4 or 5 am.

Any advice would REALLY be appreciated, thanks for your time.


Hi flirtygirty

And :welcome: to the forum. I have had no experience of this myself, however there may be someone else on here who does.

This is a very friendly site with lots of supportive persons on here. I hope you find it as helpful as I do.:)

Take care


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Sep 22, 2008
Hello and Welcome :welcome:

Was just thinking.....you could have a mobile phone or something wake you up by vibrating....that way you could plug your ears and get a break from the voices.


New member
Jun 12, 2009
Thanks for the warm welcome, and I will try that with the mobile thanks lol!:)
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