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Hi, i'm new here



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Sep 28, 2009
Hi everyone,

As you can tell i'm new here!! I was diagnosed with Paranoid SZ 8 years ago and since then have also been diagnosed with BPD and post traumatic stress. Life hasnt been the easiest since becoming ill and i have only just accepted the illness which has made life alot more bearable!! I found the hardest part of the illness accepting the diagnosis and realizing i will probally never work again.

My support worker suggest i get the internet so here i am!!

River, Jasper and Oak Wolfhaven Moonfire (my 2 cats!! They keep me on the straight and narrow!! ha ha) ( the one in the picture is Oak, she's 6 months old and a bundle of fur and claws!! She's the lastest member of my little family, we have only had her for afew days after i rescued her from a shelter)