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Hi im new here! This is part of story



Active member
Nov 3, 2017
Hello guys, let me just apologize for the bad english, its not my first language and im typing this on my tablet.
So im in my late 20s, and im diagnosed with Schizofrenia and severe depression, i joined this forum to get in contact with people that i can relate, and share good words on our difficult moments. As a child i always felt normal, the enviroment i grew up in had his bad moments, not saying i got traumatized, but i think it did help to feed the problems i got into late on my life, but thats for another time as i have never disscused this even with my psychiatrist. As a teenager i always felt something was missing, i would get a bit paranoid and my school mates would treat me diffrently according my mood. Maybe they knew something i dindt. My first episode (the one that got me into a facility) was about when i was 18s, i had this crush on one girl in my school, never had the courage to go talk to her, this feeling never faded but during that time i started hearing voices telling me to do all kind of tasks, her voice was one of them. I been through alot, but i can say without a doubt this was the worst moment of my life. 3 weeks with no sleep, absolute torture! I dont wish that to my worst enemy, if i even have one. I finnaly step up and aknowledge something was wrong with me. With the help of my family i got into the psychiatric ward of the hospital. Medicated like a horse i dont remember much, just the feeling of getting out of there. This was a good time ago, im now taking 6 pills a day, and being watched by a psychiatrist. I still have alot of battles in me. Im a very reserved person, so its hard for me to talk about. I proudly sign up to this community to talk and help me and you.
This was just a glimpse into my complicated work, hope someone connects with it.


Staff Member on Leave
Jan 25, 2012
Hi Raf_edd, :welcome: to the forum.

Thanks for sharing part of your story, I'm sorry to hear what you've been through. I like that you said you 'proudly sign up to this community to talk and help me and you'. That's great, that's what this place is for (y) And your English is fine, don't worry.

I hope you connect with people here too, and find it helpful for support and advice.

All the best



Well-known member
Jan 6, 2017
Welcome to the forum. This forum has helped me to not feel so alone. I read things that I can relate to and share some things that I could never tell to people around me because they just wouldn't understand. This forum helps fight the stigma I feel within myself about mental illness.