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Hi, I'm Loretta




My name is Loretta; I am 23 and live in the U.S. I have been diagnosed with all kinds of mental disorders by many different doctors with no objective (e.g. chemical, x-ray, etc.) test to prove or disprove any such diagnosis. While I do believe that without scientific backing that these so-called diagnoses are purely guess work for many reasons, the one thing they have gotten right is that:

1. I do hear and see things that are not there in "reality"
2. I do have a much fractured personality (the voices I hear are those of the other people in my head)
3. I do have a unique way of interacting with the outside world that is designed to make everyone's life easier (things like communicating with the others in my head through an internal instant messaging system and proprietary internal phone system and other uniquely me ways of doing things)
4. I do identify as female even though I have a male body
5. I do not normally speak using my natural voice, but rather find it easier to communicate with the outside world using my iPod and a Bluetooth speaker and specialized text to speech software. This decision was made after several events including 1) a painful review of all abuse and finding that use of my natural voice was tied to almost all incidents. 2) Feeling much less stressed when on an interaction if I just communicated through the software. 3) A need to sound more feminine. 4) In an effort to better understand my girlfriend who is mute. (Note that items 1-3 in this point were discovered *after* deciding to enter my girlfriend's world of being mute. (the security and stability benefits were positive enough that I have just turned off my natural voice unless it is determined that the situation is an emergency in which limited use of my voice is then used)) and 5) in most situations I am so highly stressed that somehow the words and thoughts somehow get lost in transit from my head to my mouth or I have such a tight feeling in my throat that I can barely speak in an emergency.
6. I have been abused by many people in many formats over many years. this is kind of a "catch-all" for any points that I may have missed and also an overarching reason of all the points i have mentioned thus far.

I look forward to being a member of this community and helping others by just being there to listen and offer my own suggestions. I will possibly post some autobiographical information later.

I look Forward to hearing from you soon.

Loretta Ann

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Oct 11, 2014
hey Loretta. welcome.


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Jan 25, 2012
Hi Loretta and :welcome:

You sound to have a good understanding of the things you are experiencing, and the things you have been through. It doesn't sound easy. I share your feeling that 'diagnosing' amounts to a lot of guesswork and supposition. I hope joining here helps, and you enjoy contributing, good to have you here.


Nov 1, 2014
Welcome to the forum Loretta Ann.
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