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Hi! I have a question....



New member
Jun 20, 2014
Hello :)
I probably haven't put this in the right topic, but I'm just hoping I will be forgiven for that :p

I am an Anorexic, and I have been for little over a year. I am also diagnosed with depression and body dysmorphia. I am receiving counselling for both. My counciller is perplexed at a set of symptoms I have been suffering from for 2 years.

Basically, I hear voices in my head that tell me what to do. They aren't auditory hallucinations per se (I don't think) because I don't hear them from outside. They are literally inside my head. At first, they were benile. They didn't say much, apart from small commands from time to time, of which I didn't take any notice of. Recently, though, they have become more person-like. They have opinions and ideas, and they dislike me. They tell me to kill myself, and how to do it. They aren't a product of my Anorexia, because the voices started before my Anorexia. They tell me who to associate with, and if I disobey them, they throw abuse at me, and threaten me. They petrify me. They are like real people though. They whisper. Their gender is unidentifiable, and I don't know their name. They won't tell me anything about themselves, they just tell me to trust them. I am genuinely scared of them now. Please help :cry2:


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Jun 25, 2013
hello and welcome to the forums

i have bulimia, you have posted in the right section, as your new :) :welcome:
im so sorry your experiencing these voices must be very difficult indeed :(


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Jun 4, 2013
Hello, skittlesxx, it is good to see you. I do not know the cause, but you are not alone. There are many people here who have shared similar experiences. Have a look at all the different sections, I'm sure there is one you'll like. And you're welcome to make posts of your own.
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