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Hi I am new to this forum


not thinking

New member
Dec 2, 2014
I am new to this forum I suspect I have avpd.
I will be seeing someone on the 17th this month so i guess thats when I will find out .
i hate going to any events i have a real fear of talking to people I don't know so I will avoid these people. If I can find a way out of not going I will. I hate work because I have to serve people it makes me feel angry and hateful. I can't handle any sort of criticism and rejection it cuts me to pieces. I can't handle arguments I keep threatening my husband that I will leave. arguments terrify me I can't think at all I feel like I have no where to run like its the end of my world I want to run away. I feel like I am not good enough for anyone and if I have friends I am so worried they will find out I am a freud that I am no good. I always feel guilty and ashamed but I can't bring myself to take responsibility for saying some real bad things I have said to my husband and I don't know why I said them. I get angry whenever he brings up these things I blame him for the things I have done even though I know its not his fault he's a good man and I love him so much I am at my wits end with this I don't know what to do or how to change I need help I am so depressed.


Nov 1, 2014
:hi: not thinking and welcome. Lovely to have you here.