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Jan 11, 2009
High Wycombe
Hey i'm new here and I really hope someone here can help! Short outline first, i'm on citalopram for depression and temazepam for when i can't sleep. I've got a chest infection and have avoided taking my temazepam (because i've lost my info sheet on it and loads of people i know have told me that it can supress breathing) and i'm just wondering if it is safe to take the temazepam while i've got this chest infection because to be honest i'm at my wits end, really tired and feeling really rough. I would have thought that being ill, sleeping wouldn't be a problem, but hey!

Really hope someone can help! Thanks in advance!


Sorry to hear that you are not well Lauren. I would advise that you phone your doctor or go to a chemist and ask them that way you willl be getting proffesional advice. Best wishes and hope you feel better soon.


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Mar 17, 2008
I would try giving NHS Direct a ring then you can get an answer today!

Take care



Jan 11, 2009
High Wycombe
Thanks! To be honest the only reason i haven't phoned NHS direct is because i have no money! And for some reason my house phone isn't working, and so i've only got my PAYG mobile to do with and don't really have the funds to keep topping it up!
I'll have to give in and have a go though!!!
Thanks anyway!!

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