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Hi, had my diagnosis revised to cyclothymia



Hi everyone,

So... a little about myself. I'm male, 31, and live in a little town not too far from Heathrow Airport. I currently work part-time in a bookshop, but next month I'm starting university full-time.

As to why I'm here... I've had mental health problems since I was 16, and up until this year I've been treated for depression. However, a few months ago I had my diagnosis revised to cyclothymia, which I'd never even heard of before. It's a softer version of bipolar disorder. I also have long-term issues with the way I look and have had several therapists mention BDD, although I've never had it formally diagnosed by a doctor.

Anyway, I'll keep it short and finish up here. Hope to get to know you all better in the future.


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Jun 30, 2009
:welcome: to the forum
Sugar Coated Owl

Sugar Coated Owl

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Aug 2, 2009
Hello, welcome to the forum. I'm a newbie too and found everyone to be very friendly.


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Sep 22, 2008
Welcome to the forum. I am liking the avatar, by the way. (y)


Thanks for your replies everyone :)

Heh, glad you like the avatar GrizzlyBear :D I take it you're another fan of The Science of Sleep then? I only saw it for the first time a couple of months ago but thought it was wonderful. I love Michel Gondry's work... Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is another one of my favourite films.
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