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Hi guys new here need advice



Nov 22, 2021
Hi guys first time on this forum. This might be kinda long I'm sorry in advance. Any advice/conclusion s are welcome.. not sure how to handle this going on for years and really starting to get to me.. so I have an aunt who I adored since was a child now 31.
Have copped on in recent years that she lies and manipulates all the time...my cousin who is her son is married and I am very close to his wife have been for years but this last 5 yrs or so we noticed that my aunt would tell me one thing and my cousin's wife another we will call her Ann.. so my aunt (Laura) we will call her. Would tell me story's about Ann and then go tell Laura story's bout me all that are untrue.. she would do the same with my dad and even her own husband.. she has even made up stories that were minor and stupid but that never happened.. she never has a good thing to say about me and has even gone as far to say nasty things to Ann about my kids.. and said to me basically that my cousin and Ann all but physically harm their kids say like constant slapping one in the side of the head.. but recently all the nasty lies and that have been geared at me and I can never do anything right and always trying to give out or not picks at different things.. example would be yesterday we all in my house and I am very clean but my cooker was dirty as we had a fry that morning and left for the day and I didn't get a chance to clean it so yesterday eve when I wasn't in the room she said to Ann omg the state of the cooker how could u eat of that... Or another is she won't come on days out with us because my kids whine and moan.. now one is 6 and one is just turned 2.. and these things are only ever said to Ann... We caught her out in one day trying to say that my dad was overly angry and roared and shouted excessively and Ann 2 kids and it didn't happen as I was there and the story was verified.. we have confronted Laura about a number of things over the years but she just denies all and starts crying.. I would just like to know has anyone ever experienced anything like this with a family member or how to deal with it because it is getting worse.. thanks so much for reading and if more examples are wanted I can give them.


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Aug 21, 2014
It's difficult to say what is going on with your Aunt, if she has previously been ok but now isn't, I'd say there is clearly something going on. Are there any other issues such as problems with memory (more than general forgetfulness)? Being upset, agitated?

If you are able to persuade her, an appointment with her GP might be in order so they can run some tests, rule things out; but of course it's up to her whether she makes and keeps the appointment or not. Unless you feel there is a safeguarding issue, in which case her local authority social services may be able to offer some support and advice.