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Hi Everyone,



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Mar 27, 2010
I'm a 33 year old female with a younger brother who is only 18 years old. He is a college freshman. Within the past 2 weeks he has spiraled out and began exhibiting very odd behavior. Unfortunately I live in California and they live in NYC so i've been calling everyone, my parents all of my 6 brothers and sisters asking questions to see what happened. My two sisters who are 23 and 28, have been telling me my brother took drugs (shrooms) plus has been drinking with his friends for about a month nonstop. As of last Saturday, be began acting paranoid along with anxiety attacks. He thought the cops were after him. He even cried 2 days before, my mother claimed he was upset about school work and other stuff. Later that same night he took a girl out on a date and sent her flowers afterwards. Later that evening, he began acting really abnormal and going to the bathroom alot. By Saturday morning, my sister and mother drove him to the hospital. Now my mother thinks he was drugged with roofies and people attacked him while being drunk. However, I don't think that was the case, i feel he voluntarily took shrooms and it really messed with his mind. He has been in this state of pyschosis for 7 days straight. I'm really worried about him. My cousin and sister have been speaking to him, he goes in and out of it. However, he did let them know, he took some shrooms, he even named the measurements. I'm sorry for the long story, but i just hope he will snap out of this. I called his hospital room, he picked but didn't know who I was, he also called me mommy...it was so sad to hear him sound so out of it :(


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Aug 16, 2009

hi there, that sounds awful, it must be really distressing for you and your family.

i'm afraid i don't have any knowledge or advice to give on this subject, but i sincerely hope your brother recovers from this and soon.

i wish you all the best.
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