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hi everyone



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Feb 12, 2009
lincolnshire uk
:) hiya everyone im new to this site and thought id just say hiya and tell u a bit about me well my names is sammy im 34 and live in lincolnshire in the uk im married and have 3 stepkids two of which live with us full time iv started to suffer from panic attackes and ancity when i was 18 i dontnow why they started imean nothing tormatic had happed to be be fore i was just a normal 18 yr old going out with friends and enjoying my life then i started to get chest pains and fel like i couldnt breath i was shore i had a heart problem i went to the docs and he sent me for a load of teast which all came back fine but i was still getting the pains and the panicing so he said i was haveing panic attackes and since then i have had them on and off i hate the way it makes me feel and i wish it would just go away so iv been on and off tablet since theniv had counciling and been tort how to breath my way thought an attacke which was work fine till now the breathing doesnt work anymore so im back on pill this time the doc has given me fluoxetine iv had it once before and it worked well soooooooo im hoping it will help me to feel me again soon has anyone on here every had fluoxetine and how did u get on with it????????? is till have time when i think i have a heart problem that no one has found and that realy scairs me :cry: evon thought iv had a lot oF ECG enough to papaer a room with and thay have alway come back saying every thing is fine but its still thier in the back of my mind :mad: o well thats me anyway thanks for reading bye for now sammy x:grouphug:


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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
Hiya Sammy & :welcome: to MHF :)
It's a nice place to be and the members are friendly & supportive!


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May 27, 2008
Hi Sammy and welcome to the forum. There's a great bunch of people here offering loads of support so I hope you get a lot out of it.

I've been on fluoxetine about two years ago for depression. I'm afraid that it didn't do anything for me either positive or negative but we're all different and I hope that it helps you.

Take care and keep posting.


Hi Sammy - panic attacks bring a lot of fear into your life that wasn't there. It seems absurd that it can only be panic so we convince ourselves that it must be something far worse. I've been to my GP convinced I was having a heart attack and yet he's stopped the panic just by talking to me.

You might find mindfulness a help. To start with it's about 40 minutes a day but after a while you can just practice it when you need to. It's helped my life a lot.

www.bangor.ac.uk/mindfulness or you can get a podcast from iTunes for free.
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