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Jan 7, 2019
Not sure what to begin with, but my experiences with depression have hindered my life for so long. im only 18 but have had it for around 4 years. i dont really have any friends to talk to about it and my family aren't the types that would take it seriously. people have said im selfish as i have two older siblings and know both of my parents and i shouldnt bother others with these issues, although my parents split up around 9 years ago. I dont want to seem selfish i just dont feel close to my family, not close enough to tell them of such issues. I have some good days were i feel that im different, but even when i do good things or get a good mark in an exam etc i still always feel this shadow of self doubt and i always have a negative view of myself. Its not clinical depression because i havent approached the doctor and for this reason i feel like people wont take it seriously if i do talk to them, but im quite shy and have never felt comfortable talking about my feelings to to others, the close i would do this is in my journal. I have not felt at the point of suicide or self harm but i often picture the world i live in and if it ould be better without me and my feelings, in a modern world were everyone must work and contribute to society i often see myself as weak and inferior. Anyway i have said enough i think haha :) anyone with any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you


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Dec 17, 2018
California, US
Hello and welcome. We understand how difficult it is discussing mental health problems with people who may not believe us or might judge us because they see symptoms as character flaws.

In this community, feel free to get out of your head the thoughts you've been keeping to yourself knowing that we get it. Depression, self-loathing, self-esteem and suicidal ideation - whatever it may be that's troubling you. Perhaps we can in help with some encouraging words, advice and experiences so that you won't feel so alone with your struggles.

I hope you'll find some peace and relief.
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