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Hi everyone



New member
Apr 20, 2010
Just joined the forum so hello to everyone. I have been given a very loose diagnosis of Schizo-typal personality disorder. My consultant say that I dont quite fit in to any specific disorder but this is as close as he can get. I was treated as being Epileptic for about 6 years because I have fits where I just black out so if I am stood up I fall down flat and have broken so many bones because of these fits. I also hear voices from time to time they dont tell me things it just sounds like a conversation so quiet I can't make out any words. I have never found anyone with this same diagnosis, and there are no support groups where I live for this either. I take Quetiapine and Amitriptyline.
I feel very alone. Does anyone have any similar experience?



Active member
Mar 15, 2010
Hi Lulabell,

I relate to parts of your experiences. Personally I have been called Cluster B traits, closer to borderline. Very frustrating but no Pdoc has been willing to pinpoint just one. I also occasionally hear non-directive voices. Usually it is just a few words from behind me and to the left. (Sounds like that "tell me what you want" from nickelback's rock-star song) I also get paranoia and have frozen and dropped twice so far. Very awkward since one was with a group in a quiet hallway.

I am also gifted with bi-polar disorder and anxiety disorder so at times it hard to figure out what belongs to what.

I am sure you'll find similar stories here. You are not alone.