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hi, everyone! i'm new here.



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May 23, 2009
hi, guys. i haven't been diagnosed as bipoar yet, but i have an appointment with a mental health expert next week. i was diagnosed as 'aspergers' a few years ago with my intense obsessions through my life with my music, my rituals, truble soialising and keeping eye contact and so on. had a very extreme episode of depression about four months ago which lasted about 2 months, with self harm, an attempted suicide, followed by a 6 week episode of feeling extremely high, so active, talkative, very very creative with all these racing thoughts and ideas, wanting to smash things for no reason, and got extremely arogant with feelings that i was born to take over the world, and it's my missionin life. i've had a phase like this before. the depression lost me my job, and went to court, and i poured my heart out to my probation officer about my extreme emotions of highs and lows to feeling normal, and sometimes feel just nice kind of a slighly drunk feeling. i don't know much about bipolar disorder, and was wondering how long do episodes usually last? and do people act differently during their episodes? and how is it diagnosed?

(sorry about my poor spelling)
thanks everyone, hope your all well.


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Apr 8, 2009
Hello misfit and welcome to the forums.I'm sure someone will be along shortly who can help:)


Hi Misfit and welcome to the forum.

Episodes of bipolar extremes aren't usually predictable when it comes to length or how often they happen until you get to know it a little better - if this is the diagnosis you get.

It's difficult not to act differently when you're have a big episode but the minor ones it would take someone who knew me very well to know that there was something wrong.

It's diagnosed by looking at behaviour and seeing if there is an established pattern there. Sometimes this can take a long time if there is drug/drink problems or the episodes are years apart.

Have a look at this link http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/mentalhealthinfoforall/problems/bipolarmanicdepression/bipolardisorder.aspx for some good, clear information.


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Oct 25, 2008
Hi Misfit.

I hope you find the forum useful, I'm sure you will get some great help and advice on here.

Take care.