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Hi everyone, applied for ESA and PIP and both turned down !



New member
Sep 27, 2017
Had depression and anxiety all my life, but managed to muddle through ( except getting into deep debt ) Last year was the worst, as I didn't go out of the house for 12 months, and just as I started to feel better my best friend killed himself !
Been so low since march and had to give up Business, and been living off handouts from family and sold anything we had of value.

Rent was getting in high arrears, so one of the housing association people helped us fill all the ESA and PIP forms in. Sadly I was turned down for both because I look normal
and my medication is not strong enough ( Beta blockers and Lorazepam and Mitrizone ) So the nice lady appealed it and now for the long wait !

Awful thing is you feel like a liar, like you are making the symtoms up and makes feel like even more of a failure !


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2013
Good luck with your appeal.

It is a cruel world when we are penalised for being strong with our illness. I have learned you need fight for benefits, so give it your best shot.

Yes, you may be suffering from self-stigma. I also feel that way too. When it is so taboo to discuss mental health you start to doubt yourself.