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Hi complex PTSD and BPD



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Mar 30, 2015
I am new here but not to mental health services done DBT, etc Diagnosis of CPTSD and BPD. None of which I want to have. Decided randomly today to get my exact diagnosis as they are normally vague. Very mixed sad feelings. Had a period of doing well and have started doing MH nursing course and had enjoyed it until I had a blip, someone from the past died and it overwhelmed me. Got help straight away and started EMDR again. Student support is ok but they think I should disclose more which I think isn't any bodies business if doing job ok. Have good professional MH support. Which has helped but is traumatic. On placement in an acute setting and am shocked at some staffs opinions on PDs and has made me realise that I can never disclose it as I have been tht person they Are wrongly judging many times. Want to be someone that makes a difference to that environment and get well if that's a possibility. Can manage my symptoms now and have good coping strategies when I'm on form. Bit crapper when not on form. Click into work mode and I think I am doing an ok job when I'm there and managing to function with kids etc too. Is anyone else a nurse etc and what is there experience of having a mental health illness with the added stigma of a PD?


Hi Larne,

I am an RMN and also have a mental illness as well as coming across Institutional discrimination towards people with BPD which I found shocking. You have nothing to be ashamed of and I admire you for continuing with a demanding career with the aim of making a difference. I also understand why you would not want to disclose any information wrt your mental health given some of the attitudes you are coming across. I also think the same applies to other psychiatric diagnosis. I have posted on another thread my thoughts about a diagnosis of BPD and why it should be scrapped. You may be able to go someway to break the cycle of the staff and their black and white thinking about people with BPD which usually has no basis except to be passed from worker to worker. I wish you the very best in your psychiatric nurse career. Mm
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