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Hi...Anyone relate to this?


little miss.understood

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Apr 29, 2010
new to this site...:confused:
Though it can take 10 years for a drug to win its licence, the actual controlled, scientific studies used in evidence often last just four to six weeks. It's not surprising, then, that the existence or extent of most side-effects surface only after drugs have been taken up and tested in their millions by the general public.
Sexual dysfunction has turned out to be one of Prozac's hidden extras. Sarah, a 36-year-old stylist from London, who takes Prozac for panic attacks, has had a fairly typical experience. 'It has cured me and calmed me, but I haven't had an orgasm since the day I started,' she says. 'I still want to cuddle, but beyond that, I feel no physical arousal at all. Nothing. It's a trade-off. My partner can't decide which me he prefers. The neurotic, weeping basketcase who still enjoyed sex a few times a week or the calm and collected one that's completely frigid.'
The implications go beyond mere sex. According to Helen Fisher, anthropologist and author of Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love, SSRIs could seriously impede our ability to fall and stay in love. The bliss we feel when we're loved up - that elation, exhilaration and slight insanity - are the result of high levels of dopamine. SSRIs increase serotonin and curb dopamine. The result is that anti-love feeling, a contented, non-discriminatory 'well, whatever'.
The artist Stella Vine (right) named her 2004 exhibition, which featured such troubled subjects as Sylvia Plath and Courtney Love, after the drug. Vine - the former stripper now famous for her vivid, haunted portraits of Princess Diana, Kate Moss and the heroin victim Rachel Whitear - has herself yo-yoed on Prozac, finding it has both enabled her to function but blunted her painting.
'I remember when I was working as a nightclub hostess, one of the girls showed me her writing and it was really incredible. I asked why she had stopped and she said she started taking Prozac and couldn't write any more,' says Vine. 'I thought I'd never make that trade-off.'
In 2001, though, Vine did ask her GP for antidepressants. 'I've always been a highs-and-lows person, but this time, I was very, very depressed, just about doing the basics, the whole world collapsing, and when I started on Prozac, there was an incredible rush,' she recalls. 'I ate less, had more energy, I was speeding around the park with my dog, ecstatic to talk to the other dog walkers. It breaks the cycle of sitting on the sofa thinking about suicide, but in a way, it's a waste of time. Nothing is being sorted out and healed.'
Vine describes herself on Prozac as a 'la-di-da, hazy version'. 'I can paint the outline of a person, but I can't engage with any emotion in it,' she says. 'The really good work takes place when I'm not on Prozac. It's hard to describe, but it's more vivid and intense, a heightened awareness. I may have finished several undercoats and I get this great moment of absolute clarity. Suddenly I know what will make the whole thing work. That never happens on Prozac.'
Prozac's effect on creativity has been much debated - usually with the starter question 'What if Van Gogh had taken Prozac?' Perhaps he'd have given up art and become a life coach. Another possibility is that we'd now have more of his paintings.


Hi and :welcome:

It sounds like you are worried about these side effects? Are you suffering with them?

There is alot of support and understanding to be found here. :)


I took prozac for 3 years in my 20's, & then another anti'd for a while. I've been placed on all kinds of psychiatric drugs over the years. Anti-psychotics are the worst for closing people down. I've not been in a relationship for the 12 years that I have been on this last anti-psychotic drug that they put me on. I wonder if the benefits & perceived benefits (mine & other peoples) of being on it are really worth it?
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