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Hi all, new here.



Jan 6, 2010
Hi to everyone!:tea:

Well, I don’t really know where to begin really. About 3 years ago I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. My mood swings were escalating to such a point that I attempted suicide when I lost my job. I was either manically high or in the depths of despair and it interfered with my ability to function.

I displayed the classic signs of Bipolar - the highs were crazy consisting of feeling unusually ‘high’, grandiose beliefs and ideas, feeling really energetic and hardly sleeping, thoughts racing at a hundred miles an hour, unable to concentrate, bored easily, acting impulsive & reckless and then when I hit the lows I would feel tired, sleep all the time, hopeless, suicidal and generally feel unwell. It was exhausting for my loved ones and I put them through hell. It didn’t help that I was a heavy drinker either.

As a child, from what I have been told and remember, I was hyper, moody and difficult. I displayed signs of Tourettes, that is, compulsive tics and other habits and was a nervous child. It didn’t help with having a Father that was moody and violent both towards my Mother and other siblings. Knowing what I know now and reading books on Bipolar, I now think my Father suffered from it and his Grandmother as well (apparently the condition can run in the family).

My teens and 20s were a haze of crash and burn relationships and drug/alcohol bingeing and in between tried to re-establish my relationship with God again. Ten years ago after a terrible bout of depression my Doctor prescribed me the new ‘wonder’ drug at the time, Prozac and Ive been on it for almost ten years. I met my lovely partner nearly 15mths ago and came off Prozac but 2009 became the year from hell. In March 2009 my Uncle died and then a month later a dear friend died suddenly outside my home after giving a ride home from work, 3 weeks later my Mother died which totally wrecked me. My ex brother in law died of a brain tumour just before Christmas and I returned to the Doctor and have been back on Prozac now for nearly 5 weeks. I do feel so much better on them as they keep the dark days away.
Im more positive and looking forward to more ‘normal’ lifestyle that isn’t driven by my emotions. Now that I have studied my condition I can read the signs more and try to be more in control of them than the other way around.

Started a little diary on the Journal thread if anyone would like a read.(y)


lol i read your journel first then this (again)

:welcome: to the forum, like the sig, sadly im not the sanest person i know and i dont care :D

hope you enjoy it here (y)


Hi dreamweaver

And :welcome: to the forum. I hope you find it as friendly and supportive as I have.:)


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May 27, 2008
Welcome to the forum Dreamweaver, it sounds like you are getting a little bit more control after an awfull year, I hope it gives you space to find some enjoyment.

Good to have you here,

Honey, :hug:

quality factor

Hi there and :welcome:to the forum,
it's a good place to be.



Hiya, you brave person

Like you I had the year from hell in 2009, the amount of people I knew who died went into double figures. The worst was mum.
I used to take anti depressants, but they never seemed to work for me. I think it's wonderful how you are turning your life around.
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