hi all,,at last someone like me,,,to talk too



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Aug 17, 2018
well i wont bore you all to death with my journey to this point ,but in a nut sheel,cared solely for mum until death,,didnt then realise anxiety taking hold,,just a glass a wine at night hid it,,then more until was 7 units a day,,,,,,
i stopped on monday for good,,but my god my anxiety was bad and the withdrawal syptoms worse,,,i feel better now from withdrawal but ive still got the dreaded anxiety,
its got now in a morning i start thinking bout my day,and stress like hell,,,driving now can be a panic not a pleasure,,and when arive i dread meeting people,,,
i was told kalms lavender tabs might help,,and on wed did i need someting,,not been gp as dont was antidepresants if can help it,so om wed i bought the tabs,,even getting into boots i felt unstable and haking like a leaf,,that might a been the withdrawal though adding hit lot to my probs,
anyway ive now had 3 days tabs and they seem to be easing me,,,but went bank today and was hit by an attack when i saw que,,,,i joined it but my legs felt like jelly,,,and hand sweating bad,,,anyway i paid in,and was soooooo relieved to get out,,but once out i felt ok,,,,anyway any tips id be greatful,and id love to know if any you good folk has tried lav tabs est,,
bless you all,,,ta for listning,