Hi all and help



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Jan 20, 2019
Hi all.. firstly my name is michael and 34 years old.. had anxiety on and off since about age of 17 and came In different types every time.. I’ve had the heart racing shaking and fear!! Had the dizzy spells, had eye floaters which was an odd one!! But the one I’m dealing with now is the worse as can’t shake it off but I constantly keep my stomach tensed to the point it makes eating feel horrible as feel full after eating little ammounts and don’t get me started on the constant lump feeling in throat!! I have convinced myself I have all different types of cancer it’s crazy! When mind occupied and busy at work these symptoms don’t show as much at all! Now because I’m eating less and losing some weight I have now convinced myself further I am dying 😩.. I wake up and feel fine for few mins then boom everything hits me again and the anxiety kicks back in which is draining the life out of me and physically worn out! I have 5 kids and currently in middle of moving home so I know stress is gonna be high and a good friend of mine been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer and it’s came from nowhere without any warning but he said how he felt before he found out and now my brain has developed all the same symptoms 😩 I think my brain hates me!! I been taking citalapram for many years and flick between 10mg and 20mg. This is my longest episode so far and really starting to get me down 😢 would love to hear from people experiencing the same or been through the same things. Anyway rant over

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