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Heya 🐈



New member
May 26, 2019
Whitehaven, U.K
Needing some support while I try to navigate mentalizing and dbt therapy...I was in therapy 2 years ago, cut a long story short it didn't go well. I struggled using the things I'd learned in therapy, I struggle to see when I am being irrational or what my triggers are. My main problems are avoidance, repetitive behaviours and not talking or being open with my husband. We've been together 26 years but my avoidance of sorting out my BPD behaviors is getting worse and it is getting very close to my husband leaving because he can't take it much longer. He still loves me and doesn't want this to happen, I really need to make this work but I'm scared to death I can't do this.
Sorry for the long ramble lol


Feb 22, 2019
Warwickshire England
I know nothing about BDP but others on the forum will.
welcome to forum and i hope you get better soon:welcome:
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