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Jun 16, 2021
I found something about myself that makes me concerned...

I've never been in a near death situation, or feared for my life.. But the idea of dying brings calmness and a positive outlook on life.

I believe in god...

a creator...

i've come to know as Jehovah the hebrew god.

having studied scriptures, i was and still am fascinated with the book of revelations.

the end times...

Long story short...

if we exist to die and that god will bring destruction to the earth soon in the second coming of christ..


what's the point of being ambitious or wanting a succesful career

what is the need to worry about politics and war when all things of this world will be erased...

what's the need to raise a child only to bring it into a world that will die.

Though it might seem unempathetic to say what's the point in concerning myself with the few things i just listed. I am deeply hurt by the state of this world.. for endless reasons i choose not to entertain at this time.

i'll try explain this simply..

imagine someone showed you that you will die in 1 week but it's ok because they will let you come back alive and live forever in peace.

if you knew that.. you wouldn't feel motivated to live your life to the full within that last week you have, because you would just wait patiently until you got brought back to life...

that's my life...


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Apr 19, 2020
South Africa
lol what you said was kinda spooky 😂 . . buh i hear you 🥺 . . buh i mean there’s still a lot of good you can do you know . . i mean kinda like how the disciples already knew that Jesus was gonna come back . . they still went on to do good and preach the gospel . . and i mean God must have put something in your heart like a dream or something that you really patient about . . you might have a few talents or ya know . . kids are great too . . i mean it’s sucks that when you do have kid you’re bringing them in a world that’s this bad . . buh i mean God wouldn’t have created humans if He didn’t intend on us enjoying life . . we wouldn’t have emotions and ambitious . . yeah things suck in the world buh there’s so much to enjoy and even more so because you know God 🥺 . .


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Oct 21, 2013
A comet
Hello Rez, welcome to the forum.


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Jun 16, 2020
Hi Rez welcome to the forum :welcome:
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