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hey, can anyone help?



New member
Jan 20, 2016
Hey everyone,

Im new to mhf and after a lot of battling with myself i have decided that this may be a gateway where i can talk to people and try and relieve a little bit of weight off my shoulders.

I am always feeling ever so worried that something bad is always going to happen and i feel some days that i cant even do the smallest of tasks like getting dressed or going outside because my mind and thoughts dont let me including me getting shaky and light headed with a fast beating very fast when i think of having to face talking to anyone. i feel very alone

Anybody out there who feel the same?



Well-known member
Jan 27, 2015
Hi and :welcome: to the forum.

I hope you find the foruM useful to you.hope it does help to take a little bit of weight off your shoulders.
Im glad you found us.

I've found it useful reading posts and interacting. I've learnt a lot more about anxiety on here ..
People will understand how you feel.
I too struggle similarly to yourself.

I wish you well
Unique xx


Active member
Jan 30, 2016
Hi, my advice is that you need to face your fears and try to take small steps. Set goals for yourself like today I am going to go to the shop and say good morning to the counter assistant. Slowly build your confidence bit by bit. Your life won't get better if you don't try to change it. Hope my advice helps. Let me know.


Well-known member
Jan 23, 2016
Yep I used to feel like that.

Maybe think of it this way. If you go out then you cant be sure nothing bad will happen, though it's unlikely that it will but if you stay in then you wont know if something good might have happened to you such as making a new friend or discovering an unusual shop.

Whenever you feel panic. Just stop still and look around you. See if you can witness anything negative going on. If you do then go straight home but if not then tell yourself your probably feeling too claustrophobic and that it's ok. Have a sit down or order a hot chocolate and then carry on.

I used to do this. I'd go into the bookstore and order a hot chocolate and just sit there people watching or reading. I was alone yes but the town was so busy outside that it was nice to be surrounded by something I love which is books.

Find what makes you tick and use it to your advantage if you get into a panic.
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