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heres another go around topic one Family Dynamics.



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Jul 2, 2021
New Jersey
I live in crazy @ss house hold for years now, my family dynamics you consider is you can say is big massive emotional chess game everyday, thats all it is in my house. This what i equated from all learning from what my brother, father and mother does, see i believe my mom is partly narcissistic self center and selfish thats okay im fine by that really, my brother in the other hand loves to drive me crazy make feel like crap all the time idk why he does that but he does but my dad in the other does scary tactic, makes you feel like some bad and scary is going to happen, things his king kong of the house lol. this is what i piled up from all the years into one, so what are your family dynamics please share i want to know and learn it will be very interesting and exciting, if you want to, if you feel uncomfortable in anyway of talking about your family dynamics is all cool with me i totally understand all right cool :)


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Jul 8, 2019
I don't live with mine but yes there is a dynamic
where people are not direct with each other
but instead kind of ' hint ' at things they want
and you're supposed to know what they are hinting at
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