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heres a poem, it sums my feelings up



Active member
Jan 26, 2010
ok so a mate told me to write things down, told me it would help...
i kinda made a poem, not sure why im posting it but here goes.......................

i sit here wondering how,
how to face the days
this cloud has taken over me
i dont know what to say

my life, it has no meaning
im here for everyone else,
no longer do i want to live
for whats the point
im taken the place of somone else

so..what will tomiorrow bring?
more sadness and regret
with this comes the emptiness

ill hold on for one more day
i owe to my my dearest
though if im honest
i dont know how much longer i can

life is pretty sucky peeps.....:(



Writing help us cope, good work and I hope you feel a bit better,
shine on

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