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Here we are in a room full of strangers.... now what should I do. Subject aka Media



Here we are in a room full of strangers.... now what should I do. Subject aka Media

Comments please.

What should I do, whistle blow or keep your mouth shut?

This morning, I am very upset for the insane reason that I left there under a cloud in the yeaar 1990.

The subject was unfair dismissal by Jimmy Savile programme makers inappropriate language, behaviour, sexual harrassment, endemic inability to have a laugh with me and with loss of wages resulting in the termination of my contract subject to a mental health inquiry, due to:

Excessive work load
Termination of mind eye subject to bad smells from carpet caused by ill fitting carpet fitters who could not be bothered to dispose of their chemical induced wrappers over onto the:

Due to the:mad:producer that I was insane to become because the following people did the dance of the wibble wobble over the computers at me with a lolly in his mouth and a feather duster into his anus horribulus wasn't it.

Well, absolutely, actually, rather fun for an insane period of my life called 10 years probation onto life's stotescope rarva, cough cough, up to the grade of a sony winner, hextrhordinaire, hex hemployment certification of the delicious times working insanely at the

Best British Coolest job I ever had

He kicked me in the gut because....

Anyhow he do not whistle blow for her is dead as I was in my head after he disposed of me through heartbreak and sorrow, and I gave it up as if no tomorrow's would ever arrive again.

I resigned because of....

But first and foremost they want all employees right back from 1964 until 2007 to come forward and tell the Director General's Dame of the British Empire, all sorts of 'nit picking' things so they can waste a great multitude of tax payers money on police investigations with production of lessons for the debilitating destruction of productions throughout the realm of the children's programmes, so CRB checks will result in more people being investigated by said 'Dame of the British Empire'. So, how is she going to find the Times. Ho ho ho ho Sanda Caluse said to me one day 'you know I love children, don't you Mary' yes said I, and so he said with a look in his eye that could kill anyone who ever, disposed of him as a prime time employee of the rather famous, insanity does not become you Annie, said he, employees, watch out, of the BBC.

However, let us not forget that I shall never forgive, not forgive you, not ever ever ever for disposing of the bank account for the insane reasson was that, he did that one.

The letter received to me from the BBC this morning, into my broadcasting atmosphere of my home over in a terminal decline place of the destruction of the human psyche, the rarva delicious foods of the Corporation throughout the land of tax payers money began so as follows:

Dear Dr B*, date as postmarked,

The Revelations so far about JS* have filled the Dame with revulsion :BLAH::BLAH::BLAH:


yea God for your attention terri

.God. That is so awesome tow read again after all those years. So thank you rigor morti man for giving me the oppo for reading all the words. Many suffering cad fish have mean court so i look forward to many more years reading.
Best laugh of the day is you all try and copy the gal and i must say you are quite rou on. And now here i rest my case.
Roll call round up.
Take a bow Terry Higgins trent de arbe for always standing by me and terri forum moderator of a previous life for giving me insight into alternative perspective.
Am if i am to live at all it really is impertinent to - is it damnable to create havoc in a sick person's mind in order to get the insane person to realise there is nothing else but insanity afterall and to become a born again christian you really need experience of all upset to avoid a life of turmoil in the after life. Of which h.i am one hell of a christian with religious beliefs borderline nun life so don't forget those windows Sir Walfellows were always wisdom for me which made me o born again jesus suffer nod no no longer I suffer no no longer for suffered horrendously through your disposal of me by your insane astrals which countenence rapes of the sangwi. So thanks no no more i have had more male mates inputs through astrals than every living person so so do o pv down your pokers all your devils ore there for rape is me of your horrendous sins all expect for marto who is weltum any time as so are we well into the power of tho holy spirit.