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here i am again and chatting like a train



Well-known member
Jul 20, 2012
afternoon everyone how is today going so far? only early isnt it!

i am in kmpulsive mode atm.. i am now with taste the rainbow wasent planning to be down here till a couple weeks away,well yesterday 3pm i desided that nope im going i am gonna ge the next coatch and be here.. here i am fucking glad to be here but in my mind i am thinking hmmm what am i doing kinda thing. funny really as life seems to be moving just as fast as my mind latly and it feels strang.

urm.. well today after having 3 hours sleep with my friend we got up done horses walked the dof and are now chilling with x factor on!

left some problems i should be dealing with at home.. back at home. i just fucked off lol walked away AGAIN. oh well shit happenes ey.

gotta nag gp to fax my prozac to gp down ere tomorrow as from now till jan next year here is where i plan to stay. so need anti depressents i think even tho actually taste the rainbow dosent depresse me but well depression comes back ya know, weather your filled with thousands of pounds no worries in the world . i makes ya worrie.

where is H/B? heeellllooooooo hope your alrighty today mate?

what was kicking off in here about the person getting done from old bill of something? im being nosiy but intrested to know what the heck happpend seems a bit harsh and seriouse enough to have gotten to the police.

peveggie's made by my friends mum for tea tonight :D yum ... come's into my safe food section! so i can enjoy without guilty i hope.

i have over done the coffy again lol. great stuff down ere think taste the rainbows store's sell the correct stuff instead of fake.

i am talking absoloute crap today. sorry

just wanted to say hi



Well-known member
Aug 24, 2012
Cumbria uk
Hiya meercat
You chill out and enjoy yourself
Recharge your batteries a bit
Don't be afraid to let rainbow do all the work and running around either lol